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Let’s celebrate the night so that it would never want to end.

About us

Intimate, sensitive, provokingly refreshing. These words describe BurlesQue Club. Let’s celebrate the night so that it would never want to end.

Burlesque show is a peculiar art which combines erotica, exotica, extravagance and pop culture. This art dates back to the 19th Century. World-famous events are shown through grotesque at burlesque shows, performing ladies boldly emphasise sexuality. Burlesque was at the top of its popularity in the beginning of the last century, in America and Europe, later it slightly moved backstage, where it did not manage to hide for long and regained its popularity in a new neo-burlesque form.

Today, we revive the spirit of burlesque in our BurlesQue Club nightclub, we highlight its main features and add new shades to it: slightly more elegance, subtlety, luxury. BurlesQue Club is a piquantly shining pearl in the nightlife map of Vilnius. Guests can relax, enjoy drinks, communicate and let their hair down. Fascinating synthesis of dance, beauty and secret perfectly induces such sensations. BurlesQue Club is a glamorous nostalgia. Elegance envelopes erotica, while temptation is breathing elegance.


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